A Tealier 2022?

Where is the teal movement in early 2022?  What kind of momentum are we bringing into this young year when it comes to more soulful, self-managed, holistic, purpose-driven organizations–and an elevated human consciousness overall?  I see a mixed picture. But a hopeful one.  Let’s start with the global crisis that is unfolding at this moment: […]

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Sick of Work

Does Superman take naps?  I don’t remember reading about any super-snoozes in my old comic books. Or seeing him nod off in TV shows or movies. But this “Superman” needs naps now.  I’m talking about me. A man like many others, who has put in long hours and worked hard for years to provide for

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Follow the Leader

I did something last week I swore I wouldn’t do again. I joined an organization as a follower. I accepted another’s leadership. And it feels great.  I also wonder if my own evolving views when it comes to hierarchy speak to a wider need in the teal movement to develop mature, nuanced views around work

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Full Teal Ahead

The teal movement is on the move. That’s the high-level assessment our Teal Team makes as we survey the landscape of individuals and organizations dedicated to evolving purpose, holism and self-management. Years of toiling away at teal, as well as the fertile, disruptive conditions of the past year, are yielding visible progress in terms of

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