CEO Circles and the Journey Towards Humane, Conscious Leadership

In the fast-paced world of business, CEOs hold a unique position of responsibility. They are the captains steering the ship, the visionaries crafting the future, and often, the loneliest individuals within their organizations. CEOs serve as the bridge between the external world and the internal workings of their companies. Traditionally, they occupy the highest rung

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From DEI to Teal

I recently participated in a lively discussion about the teal movement in North America sponsored by Semco Style, one of the organizations advocating for teal ways of operating globally. Among the issues we discussed was how the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) discussion so common in business today intersects with teal. I see that intersection

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Raising the Teal Generation

Today’s digital, diverse, and dispersed economy requires a workforce with many different personal qualities: curiosity, empathy, imagination, purpose, motivation, resilience, peacemaking. And as work becomes more teal–that is, focused on purpose, self-management, and the whole person–these qualities become even more necessary.  But someone’s first day on the job is a late start for developing these

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A Tealier 2022?

Where is the teal movement in early 2022?  What kind of momentum are we bringing into this young year when it comes to more soulful, self-managed, holistic, purpose-driven organizations–and an elevated human consciousness overall?  I see a mixed picture. But a hopeful one.  Let’s start with the global crisis that is unfolding at this moment:

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