Let Us Lend A Hand

Although the Teal Team is not a formal consulting business, our members work with a wide range of clients across the nation. Individually and collectively, we’re ready to serve.

Team members offer a range of services that organizations find useful in their journey towards Teal. If you’d like to know how the services listed below can help with your organization’s evolution, contact us today!

Multiple Domains

Yes, we have HR experience. But we've also worked in data science, design, education, energy, IT, journalism, publishing, and outdoor recreation, just to name a few areas of expertise. Odds are, at least one of us speaks your language.

Collaborative Approach

We strive to live what we preach, so working with us may differ from other service engagements you've experienced. We'll expect a fully collaborative effort between our members and your teams. Together, we can co-create something unique.

Results Focus

Teal might seem to be all about process, but we've seen it deliver serious results. We're drawn to this work, and working together, because we want to have an impact. We bring that same desire for impact to working with you.