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Here’s what Amazon.com says about the book that launched the Teal Team:

The uplifting message of Reinventing Organizations has resonated with readers all over the world, and they have turned it, one conversation at a time, into a word-of-mouth phenomenon. The book has helped shift the conversation from what’s broken with management today to what’s possible. It is inspiring thousands of organizations—corporations and nonprofits, schools and hospitals—to adopt radically more powerful, soulful, and purposeful practices. 

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Teal Team Authors

“A wonderful book for thinking about how to release ourselves from crippling processes. It’s time for men–and for all of us–to stand up and say, ‘Give us back our full humanity, give us back our dignity.'”
–Paul Gilbert, PhD, author of The Compassionate Mind

“If I were building a different kind of organization, I would take this book on my journey and go back to it all the time.'”
–Frederic LaLoux, author of Reinventing Organizations

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