AI Is Now a Commodity. What Happens Next?

I’ll say it–AI is now a commodity. You can file it alongside beer, pizza, cosmetics, and candy. If you don’t believe me, just check out the list of advertisers from the 2024 Super Bowl

AI products Microsoft CoPilot and Claude advertised directly during the game. Other advertised products such as financial services, smartphones, sports betting, cybersecurity, and air travel have AI as a key component of their creation, their functionality, or both. 

When something as powerful as AI becomes ubiquitous and nearly free, the impact is wide-ranging and profound. Think about the historical inflection points when powerful new technologies like printing, electricity, and telecommunications became universally available. With AI, we’re at another similar point. 

A recent Teal Team webinar explored the impact of commodity AI on organizational culture. Now that any and every worker and business has access to AI, the nature of work and organizations must change. Some jobs will inevitably be automated away. Other, new jobs will appear. 

Economic research shows that AI is already flattening workplace hierarchies. It’s reducing layers of middle management and accelerating self-management. 

What’s clear to the Teal Team is that commodity AI pushes organizations to become more human in response–not less. If AI is now a commodity, then your humanness becomes your strength and differentiator.

To learn more, watch the recording of our webinar presentation “AI and Teal.”