The Teal Team

Your guides to evolving organizational cultures

Welcome to The Teal Team!

We are a group of like-minded people and professionals exploring new ways of being, working, and organizing.


We spread the good news of Teal. We help people learn about the three breakthroughs of teal organizations: self-management, holism, and evolving purpose.


We practice Teal individually and together. We act as a collaborative, self-managed, supportive, community of practice that continually reflects on our own purpose. We develop ourselves as individuals and as a team, in part so we can help others advance.


We work with individuals, leaders and organizations to help them develop or amplify the mindsets, behaviors and processes that lead to more agile, effective, alive organizations.

The Teal Landscape 2023

What Is Teal?

“Every time that we, as a species, have changed the way we think about the world, we have come up with more powerful types of organizations.” –Fredric LaLoux, Reinventing Organizations

The writer William Gibson wrote that the future is already here–it’s just not widely distributed. Right now, there are teams and departments and whole companies creating and living the future of organizational culture. It’s a future where organizations are living entities with purpose, teams of colleagues manage themselves, and everyone is free to bring their whole selves to the task at hand.

We think it’s an exciting time.

Teal Team Values


We learn about and introduce people to a particular take on the future of organizations.


We advise each other, individuals and organizations on the future of organizations.


We all bring fuel to the fire.


Whatever you've got going on, we're here to celebrate, support, listen and help. Put your butt on the log and join us for conversation.


We’re on the move toward our mission, and we collaborate with others on this longer journey.